Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Music in the Landing continues this weekend: Diana Halter, Allannah Dow, John ‘Ten Bear’ Thompson and more!

Music in the Landing continues this Friday with a now perennial favourite of Diana Halter, harp/vocals and Allannah Dow, cello/vocals in the Gazebo at the end of the wharf from 7:00-8:00pm. This magical duo combination is not to be missed. Saturday morning at 11:00 - 1:00, SonOSon with John ‘Ten Bear’ Thompson, guitar/vocals and son Liam on drums will get your day started at Pioneer Square by George’s statue. Up the street from 1:30 - 3:30 look for Jeremy Thom busking in front of the Pink House on Gower Point, then from 7:00 - 9:00pm, bring your blankets, picnic baskets and friends to Winegarden Waterfront Park to hear Chelsea Crawford, voice/piano, Ross Hastings, voice/guitar and Chris Mortenson, voice/bass and enjoy the summer evening with live music. Sunday will bring another special treat in the Gazebo on the wharf from 11:30 - 1:30 with the newly formed ‘Blackstrap Melissas’ including Anna Lumiere, accordion/piano/voice, Susann Richter, accordion/piano/voice, Serena Eades, violin/voice, Dan Richter, guitar/voice. Expect some jazz, samba, french musette, originals, covers and fun. Music in the Landing will take a break the following week for the Howe Sound Outrigger races and be back July 16-18.

Friday, July 2, 7 - 8:00pm

Gazebo on the wharf

Diana Halter, harp, Allannah Dow, cello come in close and enjoy

Saturday, July 3, 11:00 - 1:00pm

Pioneer Square, by George’s statue

SonOSon, John Thompson and Liam Rainey guitar, vocals, drums

Saturday, July 3, 1:30 - 3:30pm

Front of the Pink House

Jeremy Thom, guitar & vocals

Saturday, July 3, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Winegarden Waterfront Park

‘Carnival Era’ with Chelsea Crawford, vocals/keys, Ross Hastings, vocals/guitars, Chris Mortensen, vocals/bass

Sunday, July 4, 11:30 - 1:30pm

Gazebo on the wharf

‘Blackstrap Melissas’

Anna Lumiere, Serena Eades, Susann Richter & Dan Richter some jazz, samba, french musette.

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FolkWest logo contest is on!

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BC poised for North American first: Carbon Neutral Public Sector

June 30, 2010

Ministry of Environment

VICTORIA - John Yap, Minister of State for Climate Action today released the Carbon Neutral Update 2009 that showcases the Province's actions to become North America's first carbon-neutral public sector.

The Carbon Neutral Update 2009 highlights some of the thousands of activities that public-sector organizations have taken to reduce carbon pollution and save money. Many come at little or no cost to the taxpayer.

The government has a legally binding commitment to become carbon neutral for 2010 under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act. The carbon-neutral commitment covers close to 300,000 staff and 1.6 million students.

The report includes GHG emissions associated with core government business travel for Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2009, and the offsets purchased from the Pacific Carbon Trust to achieve carbon-neutral business travel.

Supporting the 2009 update are individual carbon-neutral action reports for each of the 152 public sector organizations covered by the commitment. Carbon-neutral organizations include core government, Crown corporations, boards of education, universities, colleges and health authorities.

To view the Carbon Neutral Update 2009, visit:

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Extended road closure - Violet Avenue

DATE: June 30, 2010

Road Closure

On Monday, July 5, 2010 through to Friday, July 9, 2010 there will be a full road closure on Violet Avenue between Interurban Road and Grange Road. Work is scheduled to start at approximately 8:00 am and is expected to continue until 4:30 pm. Outside of working hours access to Violet Avenue from Interurban Road will continue to be closed. Only emergency vehicles will have access.

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Enjoy Canada Day and watch for wildlife along the highways

June 30, 2010

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

VICTORIA - Travellers are reminded to be aware of wildlife along British Columbia highways, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Shirley Bond said today.

"Safety is our top priority, so we are working hard to ensure our roads are as safe as possible for both motorists and wildlife," said Bond. "Slowing down, driving with caution and watching for posted wildlife warning signs are some of the things motorists can do to prevent collisions with wildlife. We have had several serious incidents already this spring, so it is important to remind travellers to be alert."

Each year, about 5,700 wild animals are reported killed on British Columbia highways. The ministry's traffic safety and environmental professionals monitor the situation closely because collisions can result in serious vehicle damage, driver injury or even death.

Many environmental factors influence wildlife migration and feeding, so anticipating wildlife behaviour along highways is challenging. The ministry works closely with global transportation agencies as well as organizations such as ICBC, RCMP, Ministry of Environment, and the University of Northern British Columbia to explore new methods for reducing the potential for vehicle and wildlife collisions. The ministry also partners with sportsmen's associations and wildlife conservation groups when developing localsolutions.

Methods used to make highways safer include:

* Enhancing warning signs in areas frequented by deer, moose, caribou or other large animals. These signs use diamond grade reflective sheeting, and in some cases flashing lights, to capture motorists' attention.

* Installing information kiosks in mountain passes to inform motorists of wildlife activity near the roadway.

* Developing a "Bigger Than You Think!" wildlife awareness program to inform motorists on how large some of B.C.'s largest animals really are.

* Mowing and brushing roadside vegetation to reduce plant food sources and to improve motorists' sight lines.

* Partnering with wildlife conservation groups in wildlife tracking studies to identify highway locations where future hazards may develop.

* Installing wildlife exclusion systems, with fencing and jump outs, to help wildlife safely stay off highways.

* Installing wildlife overpasses and underpasses on known migratory paths.

* Participating in trials to modify naturally occurring salts and mineral rocks within highway corridors that attract deer, moose and elk. In some cases the minerals rocks have been moved away from the roadway. In other cases, the mineral rocks have been fenced with the hopes animals will stop frequenting the site. The trials include monitoring with wildlife cameras so wildlife behaviour can be documented to help the ministry develop better methods in the future.

Even with these measures, the best method to prevent wildlife/vehicle collisions is for motorists following the speed limit and staying alert to the potential for wildlife. Travellers are advised to be particularly cautious during dawn or dusk and in areas identified by wildlife warning signs.

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Carbon tax: Environment and Economy

June 30, 2010

Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Environment

VICTORIA - British Columbians will continue to participate in the most environmentally and economically friendly tax policy in North America as the phase-in of the carbon tax continues with its annual increase July 1, Finance Minister Colin Hansen announced today.

"The revenue from the carbon tax is being returned to British Columbians through tax cuts and income credits ensuring more is returned to taxpayers than government collects," said Hansen. "The carbon tax is being phased in to give individuals and businesses time to adapt and innovate in order to reduce emissions and offset the impact of the tax."

The carbon tax puts a price on emissions to encourage British Columbians to make more environmentally responsible choices by reducing their use of fossils fuels. On July 1, 2010, the carbon tax rate on a litre of gasoline will increase by 1.12 cents to 4.45 cents per litre and by 1.27 cents to 5.11 cents per litre of light fuel oil.

The B.C. Low Income Climate Action Tax Credit is paid quarterly and provides $105 per adult and $31.50 per child annually to compensate for the carbon taxes they pay. The credit is set to increase by a further 10 per cent in 2011, and is reviewed annually to ensure it continues to help offset the cost of the carbon tax for those with low incomes.

"Each of us has the opportunity to help the environment and create a better future for our children by making climate-smart choices in our daily lives," said John Yap, Minister of State for Climate Action. "By putting a price on carbon and returning every dollar raised to individuals and businesses, our approach is a win for both then environment and the economy."

During the first two years of the carbon tax, some $848 million has been collected. The corresponding personal and business tax cuts have returned over $1 billion to British Columbians. That is $232 million more returned to British Columbians through tax cuts than was collected from the carbon tax.

Information on the carbon tax is available at

For more information on how to make green choices that save money at home, at work and on the road, visit the LiveSmart BC web site at

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Malahat Revue Summer Bike to Work Tour - Jeremy Fisher, Aiden Knight, Hannah Georgas, Said the Whale

BC-based Jeremy Fisher, Said the Whale, Hannah Georgas and Aidan Knight have come together, with a salute to the environment to form The Malahat Revue, an eight-piece musical collective that will begin touring their beloved province by bicycle this July 7, 2010 in city/town, BC.

Conceived by Jeremy Fisher who has toured across North America by bike three times, and at 33, doesn’t own a car, Fisher endeavours to do as much as possible by bike. It’s with that ethic in mind that The Malahat Revue will hit the road on their bicycles, playing six shows over twelve days from July 7-18. With only a single support vehicle to carry drums and larger gear, the musicians will carry more portable gear with them, and rack up over 500 kilometers as they pedal from gig to gig in a little more than a week.

As well as hailing from Canada's west coast, the four acts that make up The Malahat Revue all share a love of Canadiana, drawing inspiration from their homeland and featuring local imagery in their lyrics. This isn't the first time these artists' paths have crossed: Jeremy Fisher was first introduced to Hannah Georgas's music when his wife saw the up-and-coming songstress at a local coffee shop in 2008. The two toured together in early 2009. Meanwhile, Georgas struck up a close musical relationship with Said the Whale, touring with the group and singing backup on last year's Islands Disappear LP.

Victoria-based Aidan Knight is the only member of The Malahat Revue not from Vancouver, but his connection to the city is strong. He became involved in the local music community working with Hannah on her first demo tracks in Victoria, and Said the Whale frontman Tyler Bancroft offered to release Knight's debut solo album, Versicolour, via his own, newly-minted Adventure Boys Club label.

“I'm so happy to have a great group of friends and musicians to share the experience with this time,” says Jeremy.

With eight musicians together on stage, playing a selection of favourites from one another's back catalogues, it will be an unpredictable atmosphere of spontaneity and experimentation. One thing is certain: The Malahat Revue will be the greatest show made up of four bands touring on two wheels that you'll see all summer.

THE MALAHAT REVUE – JULY TOUR DATES: (these are just the local dates there are more upisland, Duncan July 11 at the Garage, Nanaimo July 16 at the Naniamo Entertainment Centre, and finishing at the Vancouver Folk Fest July 18))

Thursday, July 8th on Salt Spring Island - at Artspring, tickets $21, 8pm

Friday, July 9th on Pender Island - Outdoor show at the Pender Islands Community Hall, starts at 7:30pm, tickets available at Southridge Farmstore, Talisman Books, and Medicine Beach Market on Pender (off island tickets please call 250 629 6608)


Jeremy’s recently been making music videos for Xavier Rudd, Hawksley Workman, Hannah Georgas. He is also writing and recording his fourth album with Hawksley Workman.


The Vancouver quintet remains constantly in motion and just finished crossing Canada on a two-month tour. A CBC Radio 3 “Bucky Award” winning group, they are starting work on a brand new record.


With glowing reviews rolling in for her just released debut album, This Is Good, Hannah is a currently on the road touring Canada.


From backing musician to solo artist, with his debut album Versicolour, released on Tyler Bancroft’s own label, Adventure Boys Club, bets are on for Aidan to pop a few wheelies on the bike tour.

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Body armour restrictions come into effect

June 30, 2010

Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

VICTORIA - Canada's first act that restricts the sale and possession of body armour comes into effect tomorrow. The Body Armour Control Act is part of Premier Gordon Campbell's seven-point plan to tackle gang and gun violence announced last year.

Under the new rules, anyone who wants to possess or sell body armour must have a permit or licence, and applicants must undergo a mandatory criminal record check. Police now have the authority to seize body armour from those not authorized to possess it.

Individuals and businesses who currently own or sell body armour have six months from July 1, 2010, to obtain the necessary permit or licence. Individuals found in contravention of the act can be fined up to $10,000, and businesses up to $100,000. Jail terms of up to six months are possible.

Individuals who are required to wear body armour due to the nature of their jobs will not need to hold a permit. These positions include police officers, sheriffs, corrections officers, conservation officers, armoured car guards, security guards, security consultants and private investigators.

Individuals who do not reside in B.C., but while working in B.C. are required to wear body armour, or any individual in B.C. who believes their safety is at imminent risk, may apply to the security services registrar for a special 90-day permit exemption.

In February 2009, Premier Gordon Campbell announced a comprehensive seven-point plan to combat gangs and guns in B.C., including more police officers, more prosecutors, more jails and tougher laws. Since that announcement, 207 organized crime and gang members have been arrested and charged with approximately 420 serious offences.

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Organic Islands Fest update

Less than 2 weeks to go!!! The Magic is happening and our program has something for everyone.
For the foodies - a record number of exhibitors (almost 40 of the 150) will be sampling food and drink. And several new food vendors have joined the festival family this year including: Cafe Bliss, J & J Living Raw Foods, Nourish Garden Bistro, Organic Lives and The Good for you Gourmet along with favourites from last year like Salt Spring Gelato and Hotties Hot Dogs.

For those who love all things eco and auto, on festival days you might just win a test drive in a Fuel Cell Vehicle courtesy of The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, or find out how to convert your vehicle to bio-diesel or learn about the new Cube car and how a vehicle co-op works.

Tour Energy Alternatives Solar Power station and see eco-technology at work as energy is generated from the sun (or wind) for the main stage and exhibits... And there's lots more in store with green builders, fair traders, eco-fashionistas, and change-makers of all sorts.

For those who love growing organically or need to know how to get started you'll enjoy "The Zero Mile Diet" presentation with Carolyn Herriot (see more details below) and our new Forums on Green Buildings, Sustainable Transportation and Raw Foods will be sure to inspire and challenge you to live green.

I hope we'll see you there!

Yours for a sustainable, organic future, Deb Morse

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BC Civil Liberties Association calls on the Victoria Police Board to stop Victoria police officers from conducting searches this Canada Day

June 29, 2010
British Columbia Civil Liberties Association

The BC Civil Liberties Association is calling on the Victoria Police Board to stop Victoria police officers from conducting illegal searches this Canada Day. The Victoria Police Department has already received notice of the illegality of the proposed searches in a joint report authored by the two government police oversight bodies that operate in British Columbia.

FOI documents obtained by the BCCLA suggest that Victoria police officers will demand transit passengers be searched before they are allowed to take transit on Canada Day. Officers are advised by VicPD policy to use broad and subjective factors including “the past experience of the individual officer. . . with similar subjects in similar situations” to determine whether people should be searched. Any passenger that refuses to be searched will be denied access to transit and ejected from transit property.

“We’re looking to the Police Board to maintain confidence in the Victoria Police Department as one that respects the rule of law and the provincial oversight body in B.C. In our opinion, having BC Transit put a no-alcohol rule in place for bus riders and having the police engage in random searches in conjunction with that violates at least the spirit and likely the letter of the ruling already made. It is inappropriate for law enforcement authorities to seek to do an end-run on legal rulings,” said Robert Holmes, President of the BCCLA. “Canada Day is a time for celebrating the rule of law, not engaging in efforts to circumvent it.”

The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, in partnership with B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner examined transit laws in B.C. specifically on the point of whether or not police could use those rules to conduct alcohol searches around major events. The report is unambiguous: "The British Columbia Transit Act and Transit Conduct and Safety Regulation do not authorize the searches of passengers’ bags.”

“If the Police Board does not intervene, the Victoria Police Department appears likely to engage in practices that violate people’s rights,” said Holmes. “We expect more from our public agencies both on Canada Day and throughout the year.” Despite the clear findings of the oversight bodies responsible for policing in Canada and British Columbia on this issue, the Victoria Police claim to be supported by a legal opinion they have received. The Police Department has not released that decision, or the facts on which it is based.

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jhr Announces 2nd Annual Human Rights Docfest!

TORONTO, June 29 /CNW/ - The University of Toronto Chapter of Journalists for Human Rights is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Human Rights Documentary Film Festival to be hosted at the National Film Board's Toronto Mediateque on July 23rd-25th.
The Festival will showcase human rights conscious Canadian films that have been reviewed by a panel of high profile, industry leading judges from organizations such as jhr, the University of Toronto, Hotdocs Film Festival, Think Content Inc. and the Toronto Amnesty Business Human Rights Group.

"Human Rights Docfest is paramount in the world we face today. The 2010 submissions are groundbreaking and should invigorate interesting discussions between festival attendees," says Festival Director Sophie Langlois.

The three-day festival will include award-winning Ghanaian journalist and host of JS- International Assignment Jefferson Kwamina Sackey who will serve as Guest Speaker. Festival judges Alan Black and Ben Peterson will also make special visits.

Human Rights Docfest intends to put human rights issues before a bigger audience, aiming to give a voice to the silenced and challenge our ignorance about these issues for collective well-being. Submissions by both established and up and coming filmmakers demonstrate how the Canadian public is at the forefront of promoting human rights for all.

"Human Rights Docfest goes a long way toward helping Canadians become aware of human rights issues both inside and outside of our borders," says jhr Executive Director Ben Peterson. "Last year's winner 'Where Credit is Due' highlighted the success of micro credit programs in Guatemala and successfully educated Canadians on an issue of rising global importance."

Early bird tickets will be available June 21 to July 9. Regular tickets will be available throughout July until the festival starts. Please visit for ticket details.

jhr is Canada's largest media development organization. Through its projects in post-conflict countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia and the DRC, jhr mobilizes local media to reach millions of Africans regularly with human rights stories. In Canada, projects like the documentary film festival help jhr reach its goal of making everyone in the world aware of their rights.

For further information: on HR Docfest contact: Sophie Langlois, HR Docfest Director: e.  t. 416-797-9444,  For further information on Hr DocFest Media Outreach and Communications contact: Brittney Teasdale and Samya Kullab, HR DocFest Media Outreach Coordinators: e.  t. 416-988-1443; For further information on jhr contact: Bill Killorn, jhr Domestic Programs: e.  t. 416-413-0240 ext 202,

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Two arrests made after drug raid in Victoria

Victoria Police have intercepted thousands of dollars worth of marijuana that they believe was destined for the United States.

A high-powered sport boat, two vehicles and 45 kilograms of marijuana have been seized in the drug raid.
Sgt. Grant Hamilton says that two men have been arrested after a month-long investigation. He can't confirm if any corresponding arrests were made south of the border.
Hamilton says marijuana has an estimated street value of $500,000 and another $60,000 in cash was seized during the bust.
A speedboat has also been confiscated, along with a 2005 Mercedes and a 2007 Ford F-150 pickup. Police are now consulting with the civil forfeiture office about formally seizing the high-end property.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

B.C.'s cell phone law hits the six month mark: have we changed our habits behind the wheel?

Jun 29, 2010

BCAA asks: is our new distracted driving law working?

BURNABY, BC, June 29 /CNW/ - How many B.C. drivers made a resolution this past New Years to comply with the new distracted driving law? And, how many are sticking to their plans? Six months after the introduction of the new law prohibiting B.C. drivers from using a hand-held phone to talk or text while driving, the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) is conducting an online survey to find out how drivers have changed their ways - or not.

BCAA's distracted driving survey is open to all B.C. drivers, and is available on the homepage at . The five-minute anonymous survey asks drivers how the new law has affected their driving behaviour, what they observe other drivers doing, how effectively the new law is being publicized and enforced, and what kinds of distracting behaviours - besides cell phone use - concern them most.

"There appeared to be strong compliance right after the introduction of the new cell phone restrictions, but it's not uncommon today to see or hear of people sneaking a call or glancing at a text while driving," says Trace Acres, BCAA's director of Corporate Communications and Government Relations. "The results of our distracted driving survey will be shared with government and law enforcement agencies to help them understand the impact of the law and adjust their publicity and enforcement strategies, if necessary."

In an April 2010 member survey, BCAA members ranked "road safety" as their number one driving concern. And, the issue of driver distractions was BCAA members' third most pressing safety concern, behind speeding and intersection infractions. In a survey specifically about cell phone use conducted by BCAA during the summer of 2009, 90 per cent of the 7,300 respondents were in support of cell phone restrictions.

About BCAA:

BCAA is the largest organization of its kind in B.C., with over 100 years experience and gross annual sales of nearly $400 million from its membership, insurance and travel businesses. A BCAA Membership can be found in the wallets of 790,000 British Columbians and in one-in-four B.C. households. For the past two years, BCAA has received the highest score in Canada for home insurance customer satisfaction in a J.D. Power and Associates study. And, for the past four years, BCAA has been named one the 50 Best Employers in Canada by international HR consultants Hewitt Associates and the Globe & Mail's Report on Business magazine. To learn more about BCAA's products, services and member advocacy, visit For more information on the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation visit

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New Victoria Symphony Splash fundraiser generates $50,000 for event.

June 29, 2010

Victoria, BC – On July 29th, 2010 the Victoria Symphony announced that its new fundraising initiative, titled Victoria Symphony Splash Band of Heroes, has generated $50,000 in new support for the city’s marquee event of the summer.

In response to the loss of its title sponsor, the Victoria Symphony invited numerous companies and individuals to lend their support in producing Victoria Symphony Splash for the 40,000 people who love the event and the community that benefits from it every year. This program, The Victoria Symphony Splash Band of Heroes, asks for $1,000 contributions in exchange for specific recognition benefits.

According to Mitchell Krieger, executive director of the Victoria Symphony, “It’s wonderful to see these Heroes stepping up to support Victoria Symphony Splash, especially as so many are new to the Symphony family. Making more connections to the community will not only keep Splash vibrant, it will help the Symphony’s long-term sustainability. We are nearly halfway to our goal of 100 Heroes, and we hope that more will step forward between now and August 1st.”

Band of Heroes has proven to be a success as 45 businesses and individuals have already joined Band of Heroes, and more are signing up every week. Band of Heroes gives companies of all sizes and individuals the opportunity to support the event in a way not previously available. Some of the success of this program is due to several community leaders championing the cause.

Francis Mairet, general manager of the Marriott Inner Harbour Hotel, states, “As an active member of the Victoria Community, no one – and no business – should be a bystander when help is needed. Symphony Splash is one of the events that make Victoria a great place to live in and come to visit. We are proud to be one of the many supporters of this exceptional event.”

For more information, or to join the Band of Heroes program, members of the public are asked to contact Jason Parkhill at 250.385.9771 ext 228 or

Victoria Symphony Splash takes place on August 1st, 2010. From a floating stage in Victoria’s magnificent Inner Harbour, Maestra Tania Miller, the Victoria Symphony and special guests celebrate the remarkable 21 year history of this incredible event. The day begins at 1pm with kid’s activities on the Provincial legislative lawn and ends with Victoria Symphony’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture at 10pm accompanied by fireworks and cannons
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The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Annual General Meeting – Wednesday June 30, 2010

Annual General Meeting – Wednesday June 30, 2010

What: The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness hold its 2nd Annual General Meeting.
When: Wednesday, June 30, 2010. 11:30 am to 1 pm
Where: Victoria Native Friendship Centre, 231 Regina Street, Victoria BC
Who: The keynote speaker will be Liz Evans, Executive Director and Founder, Portland Hotel Society

A buffet sandwich lunch will be served and a $10 donation for lunch is appreciated.

The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness is a community-based partnership of service providers in the non-profit and public sectors, advocates, business representatives and elected municipal officials, formed in February 2008 to lead the region’s commitment to end homelessness.

The goals of the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness are to house and support those who are homeless; provide the necessary infrastructure to lead, coordinate, monitor and ensure results on Victoria’s homelessness crisis; and to prevent homelessness from occurring in the future.

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Healing Perspectives wins outstanding achievement award - National Campus & Community Radio Association honours Indigenous radio show

June 28, 2010

Healing Perspectives, a weekly radio show that airs on Camosun’s radio station, CKMO, won the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Aboriginal Affairs and Cultural programming category. The National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA) announced the award on June 11, 2010.

Healing Perspectives

Healing Perspectives is an hour-long talk show that brings Aboriginal students and community members together to discuss a variety of topics such as identity, spirituality, leadership, and motivation. The format mirrors an Indigenous healing circle and is moderated by Trevor Day, a student in Camosun’s Indigenous Studies program.

“We’re thrilled with this award,” says Brad Edwards, CKMO station supervisor. “Much of the credit goes to Trevor Day for his talent as a moderator. I’ve had a number of phone calls from people telling me how much they appreciate the show, thanking us for acknowledging issues that matter to them.”

A richer discussion

Healing Perspectives began in February 2010 and aired 12 one-hour episodes in its first season. Each week six or seven guests joined moderator Trevor Day, who started by asking the group to introduce themselves and then moved the focus to an around-the-circle conversation. The show’s success relied on two rules: only one person may speak at a time, and each person gets a turn to speak without interruption. Very little post-production editing was done, in order to preserve the integrity of comments shared within the circle.

Guests have included Camosun students and faculty, as well as elders and other members of local First Nations communities. “The more diverse our group is, the richer the discussion is,” says Day. “We try hard to bring in people from different age groups and backgrounds, and we welcome anyone who would like to participate in an on-air talking circle, whether they are Indigenous or not.”

The first season of Healing Perspectives is now being re-run on CKMO 900am on Tuesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 9am. Plans are underway for Season Two to begin January or February 2011.

Campus radio station

CKMO radio is a non-profit campus/instructional radio station located at Camosun College in Victoria, BC. The station has a three-part mandate: to provide an alternative radio service to the people of Victoria, to train broadcast students in co-operation with Camosun’s Applied Communication program, and to produce and air educational programming. Also known as “Village 900” for its global roots music format, the station is operated by the non-profit CKMO Radio Society. Locally, listeners tune into radio frequency 900AM, but there is also a growing global audience who listen through internet streaming at

Brad Edwards,
CKMO Station Supervisor

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Paul the Octopus Oracle predicts German win in the quarter-finals

Paul the Octopus oracle hesitated Tuesday, but ultimately picked Germany to win over Argentina in their quarter-final match up at the World Cup in South Africa.

Paul, who rose to global fame after correctly predicting all four of Germany's games in this year's tournament, indicated that Saturday's game will be a tough battle and that it may even end in a penalty shootout.

While Paul made a snappy decision to pick Germany over England, this time it took the octopus about an hour to approach a water glass containing a mussel marked with a German flag. Paul ignored a similar glass with Argentina's flag, but he also did not immediately reach inside the German glass to grab the seafood goodie.

Spokeswoman for Sea Life Aquarium, Tanja Munzig said that Paul's behavior indicates that Saturday's game will be a tough one and may even go into extra time, but in the end Germany will win.

Two-year-old Paul has proven to be a reliable oracle in the past--during the 2008 European Championship, he predicted 80 per cent of all German games correctly.

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Celebrate! Canada Day with Children of Celebrities


Where? @ The Gorge Canada Day Picnic!!! @ the Main Stage (corner of Gorge Road and Admirals Road)
When? 11AM

"If I can't make it on Canada Day where can I experience the Children of Celebrities groove??? Where can I feel the vibe???"

Friday, August 6 @ The Superior

Saturday, August 21 @ The Butchart Gardens

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Juno Nominees Annie Lou Brings Yukon Old-Time to the Summer Festivals

Yukon-based old-time string-band Annie Lou is making its debut on the Canadian festival circuit this summer after racking up both a Juno nomination and a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination for its self-titled debut album.

July 1 - Canada Day - Parliament Hill - Ottawa

July 6 - Music in the Park - Riverside Park - Kamloops

July 7 - Music in the Park Envision Twilight Concert Series - Mission

July 9-11 - Vancouver Island MusicFest - Comox

July 12 – House Concert, Cowichan Station

July 13 - Butchart Gardens, Victoria - BC

July 16, 7 pm - Outdoor Beach Stage Harrison Festival of the Arts

July 17, 1 pm - Outdoor Beach Stage Harrison Festival of the Arts

July 17-18 - Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Sun July 18 Vancouver Folk Music Festival

July 20-23 - Kim and Anne Louise teaching at Calgary Folkfest Boot Camp

July 23-25 Calgary Folk Music Festival

Founded by Juno-nominated acoustic artist Kim Barlow and fellow northern roots artist Anne Louise Genest (pr. Jha-nay), the group grew out of the pair’s mutual love of old-time music—and from the lonesomeness Anne Louise had been feeling after many months of touring all by herself.

Now a four-piece that also includes Alaska export Lindy Jones (bass) and Vancouver native Meredith Bates (fiddle), the group has created arguably the most raw and authentic Appalachian sound ever to come out of …uh…the north.

Fans of old-time will find much to love about Annie Lou. The contrast between Barlow’s distinctive, down-to-earth vocals and Genest’s sharper-edged mezzo creates high lonesome harmonies worthy of a Carter family recording. Barlow’s clawhammer banjo-picking and Bates’ rugged fiddle playing add to the “tart” sound. And the mostly-original songs sound like they’ve been pulled straight from traditional repertoire. Live, the quartet performs around a single microphone, a la the 1920s and 30s.

The authenticity of the sound is all the more impressive when one considers that neither Barlow nor Genest come from a conventional country music background. Genest was born and raised in Toronto in a family of DeadHeads and Neil Young fans, and she never played music herself before arriving in the Yukon. Barlow, who grew up in rural Nova Scotia, pursued a classical music education at Florida State University and was originally interested in banjo, not for its Appalachian roots, but for the texture it contributed to her contemporary folk-pop repertoire.

The Yukon, however, has a way of seducing artists into the old-time sound. For one thing, resident record producer Bob Hamilton is a veteran bluegrass musician. For another, there’s a hopping old-time scene across the border in Alaska, driven, in part, by refugees from the south—Annie Lou bassist Lindy Jones, originally from Virginia, is one of its alumni. And finally, the Yukon’s rugged terrain and spirit of camaraderie seem to inspire an affinity for mountain music’s raw sound.

Genest became entranced by that sound about 8 years ago and began studying mandolin and attending the annual Sorento Bluegrass Camp. Then, after releasing a couple of well-received contemporary roots albums, she began feeling lonesome out on the road all by herself. She asked Barlow to join her in an old-time project, and with the addition of Jones the band came into being in the winter of 2007. Bates was added to the line-up last year.

Now with two major award-nominations under their belts for their 2009 self-titled debut, Annie Lou is setting off to win over larger audiences at Canada Day in Ottawa and on the Western festival circuit.

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UVic announces plan to deal with feral rabbits

The University of Victoria announced plans yesterday to manage the 1600 rabbits that currently live on the campus.

About 200 rabbits will be allowed to live on UVic grounds, at the center of the campus within Ring Road.

The remaining 1,400 rabbits will either be put down, sterilized or relocated.

The plan has been met with mixed reactions, and some advocates say the success of the program depends on how much the community will get involved in relocation.

The rabbits that cannot be relocated will be euthanized by a humane method recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association, although that method has not been disclosed.

Anyone in the community can apply through the Ministry of Environment to accommodate sterilized rabbits from UVic.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Victoria Symphony Splash 2010 launch takes place on July 7th.

June 28, 2010

Date: July 7th, 2010
Time: 10:00am
Location: Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour Hotel, 728 Humboldt Street


 2010 Young Soloist

 Victoria Symphony Concert program

 Opening Act

 Special announcements regarding this years event

Victoria Symphony Splash takes place on August 1st, 2010. From a floating stage in Victoria’s picturesque Inner Harbour, Maestra Tania Miller, the Victoria Symphony and special guests perform, ending with a grand finale performance. The day begins at 1pm with kids’ activities on the Provincial legislative lawn and ends with Victoria Symphony’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture at 10pm accompanied by fireworks and cannons.
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Greenpeace team travels to Gulf of Mexico to send warning to Canada about oil tankers on the West Coast

Greenpeace team travels to Gulf of Mexico to send warning to Canada

NEW ORLEANS, LA, June 28 /CNW/ - A Greenpeace Canada team is bearing witness to the environmental and social devastation caused by the BP Deepwater oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The team plans to bring its experience, images and video back to Canada to pressure governments and companies to ensure a similar disaster doesn't occur in Canadian waters.

The team is undertaking the mission because the Canadian government is considering a proposal from pipeline giant Enbridge Inc. to build twin Northern Gateway pipelines from Alberta's tar sands to Kitimat in northern B.C.'s Great Bear Rainforest, bringing more than 200 crude oil tankers annually through some of the most treacherous shipping lanes to the region.

Who: Greenpeace Canada team led by British Columbia Greenpeace director Stephanie Goodwin.
What: Mission to the Gulf of Mexico to support demand that Canadian politicians keep Canada's West Coast clean by enacting a legal ban on oil tankers and oil and gas development for B.C.'s coast.
When: June 28 to July 3
Where: New Orleans

Comment from team leader Stephanie Goodwin:

"Greenpeace is visiting the Gulf of Mexico because we want Canadians to know what will happen to British Columbia's coastline unless Canada legally bans oil tankers from our West Coast. We are horrified by the devastation the BP Deepwater oil spill continues to cause to coastal communities, ecosystems and wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico."

Today, Greenpeace launches the Coast is Clear Photo Contest to encourage Canadians to reflect on the beauty of B.C.'s coast and what would be lost in an oil spill. The winning photo will be used in Greenpeace's Coast is Clear campaign and be published in the autumn edition of Greenpeace Magazine. More details can be found at

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The summer bus schedule starts today in the Victoria Regional Transit System

VICTORIA, B.C. - The summer bus schedule starts today in the Victoria Regional Transit System.

Families can take advantage of BC Transit's Family Travel Program. A parent or guardian (19 years and over) with a valid monthly pass, DayPASS, ProPASS, U-PASS or BC Bus Pass can bring up to 4 children (12 years and under) on board for free. Children must get on and get off the bus at the same stop as the pass-carrying customer.

For a complete schedule and more information on the Family Travel Program, pick up a Victoria Rider's Guide or visit

Decisions about fares, routes and service levels are made by the Victoria Regional Transit Commission. For routes, schedules and general inquiries, please call BC Transit at (250) 382-6161 or visit

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Celebrating Canada Day with members of the Canadian Forces

ESQUIMALT, B.C. —On Canada Day, members of the Navy, Army and Air Force will be at Canada Place, Vancouver to connect with Canadians by answering questions about the work and mission of the Canadian Forces (CF). This year’s Canada Day is doubly significant as 2010 is the centennial year for both the Canadian Navy and Vancouver’s Seaforth Highlanders of Canada infantry regiment.
The Canadian Forces Zone will occupy the Canada Place ballrooms. The display includes a 105mm Howitzer, a G-Wagon Light Utility Vehicle as well as an Army ambulance and small arms display. Visitors can sit in a replica cockpit of a CF-18 fighter jet. A demonstration by a naval boarding party and the Fleet Diving Unit, which features the explosives disposal robot, reflects what your navy does at sea and in Afghanistan. People can fire replica weapons used by the CF in a realistic and safe Small Arms Simulator.

The Naden Band of Maritime Forces Pacific will play “O Canada” and Rear-Admiral Tyrone Pile, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific, will be in attendance when new Canadians are sworn-in at a citizenship ceremony at 9:30 a.m. at the Mountain View Stage. At 11 a.m., the 15th (BC) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery will fire the traditional Canada Day 21-gun salute at Hallelujah Point in Stanley Park.

Alongside Canada Place, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Vancouver will be “dressed overall” from sunrise to sunset with signal flags from bow to stern with the national flag at the masthead. The ship will not be open for public tours. Nineteen new members of the CF will be sworn-in on board Vancouver at 1 p.m. with music from the Naden Band. A CH-124 Sea King helicopter will fly past at 1:30 p.m. followed by a Search and Rescue demonstration in Vancouver Harbour by personnel from 442 Squadron flying a CH-149 Cormorant helicopter. At 7 p.m., the Naden Band will lead other contingents from the CF in the Canada Day Parade along Georgia St.

In Victoria, HMCS Nanaimo will be at Ship Point located in the Inner Harbour, it will be open for public tours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The 5th (BC) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery will fire its Salute at Fort Rodd Hill at noon.

In Hawaii, HMC Ships Algonquin and Calgary will be celebrating Canada Day in Pearl Harbour while they take part in Exercise RIMPAC 2010. The ships’ company will host the other participating nations at a Canada Day reception.

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CounterAttack hits the road for summer in B.C.

VANCOUVER, June 28 /CNW/ - The Province, police and ICBC kicked off this summer's CounterAttack campaign with a reminder: if you drink and drive, prepare to get caught.
"We want all B.C. drivers to have a safe summer and a good way to do that is to keep drinking drivers off the road," said Solicitor General Michael de Jong. "The tragic reality is that people who drink and drive put themselves - and everyone else, at risk of injury or death."

De Jong noted that this fall, the government will bring in the toughest impaired driving laws in Canada to help reduce alcohol-impaired driving fatalities by 35 per cent by the end of 2013. The new laws are designed to make B.C.'s roads safer by providing police with more immediate enforcement tools and curbing repeat offenders.

"Police throughout B.C. welcome these tougher laws," said Jamie Graham, Chair of the B.C. Chiefs of Police Traffic Safety Committee. "These new legal tools increase our ability to get impaired drivers off the road faster, deter repeat offending and help save lives."

Under changes to the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), drivers who provide a failing breath sample above 0.08 per cent BAC or refuse to provide a breath sample at the roadside will face an immediate, 90-day driving ban and a $500 fine. As well, they will have their vehicle impounded for 30 days. They may also face criminal charges.

Drivers caught once in the "warn" range (between 0.05 and 0.08 per cent BAC) in a five-year period will face an immediate, three-day driving ban and a $200 fine; a second time, a seven-day ban and a $300 fine; and a third, a 30-day ban and a $400 fine. Research shows that driving with a BAC in that range means a driver is seven times more likely to be in a fatal crash than if they have no alcohol in their body.

In addition, drivers who blow once in the "fail" range, or three times within five years in the "warn" range, will be required to participate in the rehabilitative Responsible Driver Program. They must also use an ignition interlock device, which tests a driver's breath for alcohol every time they operate their vehicle, for one year.

Drinking and driving remains the leading criminal cause of death in Canada. This summer, police will be checking for impaired drivers with extra deployments throughout B.C.

Each year, ICBC supports enhanced police enforcement to curtail impaired driving through CounterAttack awareness campaigns during the summer long weekends starting in July, and again in December.

"It doesn't take much alcohol to impair your ability to drive," said ER physician and ICBC RoadSense speaker Dr. Bruce Campana. "There are no quick fixes to make yourself sober. The way our bodies absorb and eliminate alcohol varies by individual and depends on many factors."

On average, there are approximately 5,000 alcohol-related crashes each year in B.C. that cause 3,000 injuries and 115 deaths.

ICBC and its road safety partners invest in combined enforcement and public awareness activities, including CounterAttack, as an effective way to change driver behaviour, save lives and prevent injuries.

For more information about the B.C.'s new impaired driving laws, visit the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicle website at For safety tips, visit

To watch this year's CounterAttack TV ad, please visit ICBC's YouTube channel (

Follow us on Twitter at

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Plan to establish rabbit-free and rabbit-control areas at UVIC

June 28, 2010

The University of Victoria’s new long-term Feral Rabbit Management Plan establishes rabbit-free zones on campus and an area where a sustainable population of feral rabbits can remain.

The areas outside of Ring Road will be designated as rabbit-free zones. Feral rabbits will be removed from those areas over the next year through a combination of humane trapping/euthanasia and community-arranged sterilization and relocation to Ministry of Environment-authorized facilities that community organizations can arrange.

A rabbit control zone will be established within Ring Road and divided into four quadrants, with each quadrant supporting a population of about 50 feral rabbits. It is likely rabbits will have to be removed from this area as well to reduce the population to the proposed level.

“We will direct our initial attention to the rabbit free zones to remove the feral rabbit population in those areas that are adjacent to our neighbours and where property damage and safety hazards are greatest,” says Tom Smith, UVic’s executive director of facilities management.

“In advance of the plan’s release, we contacted community organizations and individuals who had previously indicated that they might be able to provide sanctuary space or other solutions for relocating the rabbits from these zones. We have already been approached by one Ministry of Environment-authorized facility willing to take 20 rabbits.

“In the coming weeks we will assess the capacity of interested organizations to accept specific numbers of sterilized rabbits and their ability to obtain the necessary permits to do so. UVic has developed requirements to help community members and organizations with sanctioned facilities to relocate rabbits. We have also posted information about the Ministry of Environment application process on our rabbit information website at”

The plan also introduces the option to incorporate a trap/sterilize/release or vasectomy option into the management program for the rabbit-control zone when the focus shifts to that part of campus in 2011.

“UVic will entertain proposals from the public and on-campus volunteers for assistance with the rabbit-control zone and for the establishment of feeding stations,” says Smith. “If no individual volunteers or organizations come forward at that time, the university will have to reassess its approach to managing the rabbit control area.”

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Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre presents: Streetcar Named Desire

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre presents:

McPherson Playhouse
July 6 to 17 at 8pm (Tues to Sat)
July 11, 14, 17, 18 at 2pm

Ooozing with the sexuality of the old New Orleans landscape, this monumental struggle between all that is brutal and vulnerable in the male and female psyche has left audiences reeling since it premiered in New York in 1947.

Tickets: $23.50 to $40.50

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TD Victoria Jazzfest presents John Pizzarelli Quartet & Nikki Yanofsky

Victoria International JazzFest presents:

Royal Theatre
July 2, at 8pm

Often compared to Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole, irresistible singer and guitarist John Pizzarelli, here with his quartet, Martin Pizzarelli (bass), Larry Fuller (piano) and Tony Tedesco (drums), is one of the most renowned interpreters of the Great American Songbook. He returns to JazzFest following the release of his newest CD Rockin’ in Rhythm- A tribute to Duke Ellington. Joining him is singing sensation Nikki Yanofsky. On her soon to be released debut studio album Nikki, a spirited collection of newly arranged standards and elegant originals, she reflects her love for jazz, blues, R&B, soul and traditional pop vocal styles. These two artists grace our stage for one night only as part of the Victoria International JazzFest.

Tickets: $69.50, $59.50

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Victoria Celebrates Canada Day with a Flavour of Canada

June 28, 2010

VICTORIA, BC — On July 1, over 50,000 attendees will descend on the Inner Harbour and celebrate Canada’s 143rd birthday in what will be THE Canada Day Celebration on the West Coast. This year, for the first time, visitors and residents have the opportunity to taste Canada’s cultural diversity through a four-day, international food festival called “A Flavour of Canada”, which kicks off on July 1 and runs until July 4.

The food festival will take place at Ship Point, Inner Harbour, from 11 a.m. to dusk. The Provincial Capital Commission, a Gold sponsor of Victoria Celebrates Canada Day, is proud to support this initiative, which celebrates Canada’s unique cultural mosaic. “The Provincial Capital Commission’s mandate to connect and celebrate is designed to inspire good citizenship and foster pride in our communities, our provincial capital and in being Canadian,” said PCC CEO Ray Parks. “We are pleased to again support this wonderful event that celebrates our collective history, diverse cultures and national identity.”

“A Flavour of Canada” will offer a smorgasbord of cuisines from around the world. Visitors and residents will have the opportunity to try food from the Hungarian Society of Victoria, India Canada Cultural Association, Vancouver Island Event Catering, Puerto Vallarta Amigos, and Smokie Joe’s. Some of the fare that patrons will enjoy includes Hungarian langos, Indian curries, fajitas and halibut burgers. The City of Victoria would like to encourage event patrons to take public transportation or bike to the July 1 festivities. All event information can be found at
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1.1 million British Columbians will start receiving the new quarterly B.C. HST credit

June 28, 2010
Ministry of Finance

VICTORIA - As the HST comes into effect on July l, about 1.1 million British Columbians will start receiving the new quarterly B.C. HST credit, Finance Minister Colin Hansen announced today.

"We recognize people will pay more under HST for some goods and services, and the B.C. HST credit ensures that people with low and modest incomes will get help with these costs," said Hansen.

British Columbians with incomes up to $20,000 will receive an annual HST credit up to $230. Families with incomes up to $25,000 will receive an annual B.C. HST credit up to $230 per family member. The first cheques will be distributed the week of July 5, 2010. The B.C. HST credit will be in addition to the GST credit of up to $381 and the $105-per-adult B.C. Low Income Climate Action Tax Credit that those with low and modest incomes now receive.

To further reduce the tax burden for B.C. families, effective Jan. 1, 2010, the basic personal tax credit was increased to $11,000, an increase of $1,627 from 2009 that puts $80 back in the pockets of individuals and up to $160 for those claiming spousal credits.

The introduction of the HST follows numerous tax cuts since 2001. As a result, B.C. has the lowest provincial personal income taxes in Canada for those earning up to $118,000. For example a family of four with an income of $30,000 has over $700 more in their pocket this year from income tax cuts alone.

The HST system includes other measures to help minimize the impact on consumers. For example:

* Consumers won't pay HST on any goods or services that don't have GST now, including basic groceries, residential rent, prescription drugs and most health, medical and dental services - to name just a few.

* Consumers won't pay the seven-per cent provincial part of the HST on motor fuels, books, children-sized clothing and footwear, children's car seats and car booster seats, children's diapers and feminine hygiene products.

* Purchasers of newly built homes will be eligible for a rebate up to $26,250 through a provincial new housing rebate. There will be no HST on used residential housing.

* Consumers will not pay any more to heat or power their homes because of a new provincial credit for residential energy, equal to the seven-per cent provincial portion of the HST.

"The B.C. HST credit ensures low- and modest-income British Columbians are protected from the additional costs of HST, even as they stand to benefit from the jobs and higher incomes that come with a stronger, more productive economy," said Hansen. "The B.C. HST credit will be added to the tax cuts we've made since 2001 and give low-income British Columbians a helping hand with the taxes they pay."

For more information on the B.C. HST, visit

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Sooke Harbour House Art Gallery features Harriet Hiemstra, Sandra Fowler, and Dawn Joy Ritchie

Sooke, BC, August 1–31, 2010 – Sooke Harbour House Art Gallery features for the month of August three Vancouver Island artists who create innovative works in clay, glass, and acrylic on canvas, board, and digital.

Harriet Hiemstra works in clay and mixed media using brightly colored imagery and contrasting color, shape and texture to weave a lively story on each piece. Her central theme is to celebrate the feminine with grace, charm, and elegance.

Sandra Fowler, LeedAP, works with fused glass for exterior and interior spaces as well as bowls and small free standing pieces to delight the eye and reflect the heart. Her Photovoltaic glass panels combine beauty and technology by collecting solar energy which is converted and stored in a battery to allow self-illumination with renewable energy all year round.

Dawn Joy Ritchie works in acrylic on canvas, board, and digital creating joyful images of whimsical women in a colorful expressionistic style. She enjoys portraying bold, independent women often with a pet cat, bird or fish.

Opening reception with artists and free refreshments, Sunday, August 1st, 2010, 1:00pm-4:00pm.

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BC leads Canadian provinces in population growth

BC continues to lead all provinces in population growth. Statistics Canada figures show, for the third straight quarter, BC's population growth led the county. International arrivals making up three quarters of that increase.
BC also ranked first in net interprovincial migration.
Just over four million 511 thousand people now call BC home while the total number of people living in Canada reached 34 million 19 thousand on April 1st. That's a jump of 88-thousand since New Year's Day!

Is this proof that we live in the best place in Canada?
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The HST is coming! Will it affect your spending habits?

Good Morning! Erin Ball from Village900 news here. Just a reminder that the controversial HST comes into effect on Thursday. Will it affect your spending habits?

A recent Ipsos Reid poll shows that the majority of British Columbians are still opposed to the tax. The majority of those polled said that the HST will dramatically change their spending habits.

Of those polled, 70 percent said they will reduce the amount they eat out, 63 percent say they will buy less snack food, and 61 percent will spend less on things like theater, concerts and sporting events.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Organizers of the anti-HST campaign thanking supporters for a successful petition drive

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. - Organizers of the anti-HST campaign are thanking supporters for a successful petition drive that has collected nearly 700,000 signatures against the controversial tax.

Premier Bill Vander Zalm was among those gathered on the North Shore side of the Lions Gate Bridge on Saturday to wave at passing motorists.

The former B.C. premier says he will deliver the petition to Victoria on Wednesday, the day before the harmonized sales tax is set to take effect.

Vander Zalm has warned a recall campaign that may begin in November will target 24 Liberal MLAs who could pay for the tax with their jobs.

Meanwhile, anti-HST organizers in the Okanagan took to the streets of Kelowna to protest the tax one last time.

Daniel Thorburn, who has managed four ridings against the tax, says the gathering was a chance to share in the success of the campaign.

(courtesy of The Canadian Press, CKFR)

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Union of BC Indian Chiefs encouraged after meeting with Finance Minister Colin Hansen

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs says it's encouraged after a meeting with Finance Minister Colin Hansen about the impending harmonized sales tax.

Native leaders oppose the tax because they believe it will unfairly target many First Nations communities already living below the poverty line.

Union president Stuart Phillip says Hansen apologized for not meeting earlier with First Nations groups and agreed to further consultations.

BC aboriginals are seeking a point-of-sale exemption from the combined federal and provincial sales tax, similar to an agreement between the Ontario government and First Nations in that province.

(courtesy of The Canadian Press)

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Oilsands giant Syncrude has been found guilty under wildlife laws

June 25, 2010

Oilsands giant Syncrude Canada has been found guilty under wildlife laws of causing the death of 1,600 ducks in a tailings pond in northern Alberta. Images of tar-fouled and suffering ducks flashed around the world in April 2008 and became a focal point for oilsands critics.

The judge says Syncrude was poorly equipped and understaffed in its efforts to keep migrating birds out of its toxic waste-water pond.

Sentencing will be at a later date.

(courtesy of The Canadian Press)

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The BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation - Ten years of road safety in B.C

BURNABY, BC, June 25 /CNW/ - Established in 2000 as a non-profit registered charity dedicated to working with families, communities and business partners to reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes and injuries in B.C., the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation is celebrating ten years of road safety.

At the foundation's tenth annual Partner Appreciation Reception, held this year on June 25, the work of those organizations and individuals that have joined the foundation in their road safety initiatives was recognized and honoured.

The Community Against Preventable Injuries was presented with the Partnerships in Road Safety for a business or organization for their leadership in the field of injury prevention, including injuries caused by traffic crashes. The Community is encouraging British Columbians to take steps to prevent injuries that could impact their families, workplace or community.

The work of Steve Martin, Superintendent of Motor Vehicles for the Province of B.C. was recognized with the Partnerships in Road Safety for an individual award. Mr. Martin championed the booster seat legislation; oversaw the new street racing laws; and he established the first police liaison position within his ministry to enhance partnerships between the government and police.

Special guest speaker for the event was Dr. Doug Beirness, senior research and policy analyst for the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse. The BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation and the CCSA have been working together on the issue of driver impairment due to drugs.

Known for its leadership in developing effective community oriented programs and interventions, the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation has been educating drivers about the risks and consequences of impaired driving; caregivers about the safety of children traveling in vehicles; families about the importance of pedestrian safety in school zones; seniors about the connection between aging and driving; and parents about the importance of being involved in the driving education of teens.

"We have put into practice the experience we have gained collectively in our various road safety careers and been able to bring together other individuals and organizations that have helped to advance road safety in this province," says Allan Lamb, executive director of the foundation.

"I am honoured to be leading this team of talented and dedicated road safety professionals," adds Lamb. "I love my work and appreciate having the opportunity to create a dynamic foundation on behalf of BCAA."

For more information about the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation visit

Highlights from the past year:

- Alexa's Team - 175 police officers from around the province honoured for their diligence in enforcing impaired driving

- Call 911 Campaign in Nanaimo - Campaign to encourage citizens to report suspected impaired drivers by calling 911

About BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation

The BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation is a non-profit registered charity working with families, communities and business partners to reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes and injuries in B.C. For more information visit or call 604-298-5107.


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Canadian Forces participate in multinational RIMPAC exercise

ESQUIMALT B.C. – More than 900 Canadian sailors, soldiers and airmen and women are participating in the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) multi-national exercise from 23 Jun to 1 Aug 10. The exercise, which is taking place in the Hawaiian operating area, is designed to improve interoperability and understanding between military forces from nations with an interest in the Pacific Rim.

Canadian units:

• Navy: HMC Ships Calgary and Algonquin (both with embarked CH-124 Sea King detachment), a 14-man dive team from Fleet Diving Unit (Pacific) conducting mine warfare and Explosive Ordnance Disposal/Improvised Explosive Device Disposal will participate in RIMPAC 2010.

• Army: RIMPAC 2010 will also see Canadian Army participation, 150 Canadian soldiers from B Company 2nd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment (B Coy 2 RCR).

• Air Force: Two CP-140 Aurora aircraft from 19 Wing Comox, and a CC-130 T Hercules air-to-air refuelling aircraft from 17 Wing Winnipeg will comprise the Air Force contribution to RIMPAC 2010.

Rear-Admiral Ron Lloyd will be the Deputy Commander of the Combined Forces Maritime Component Commander (D/CCFMCC) for RIMPAC as well as the senior Canadian Officer for the Canadian Forces.

RIMPAC is a multi-national exercise designed to prepare forces to work together on a wide range of potential operations and missions. RIMPAC is part of a series of exercises the Canadian Forces uses to prepare for multi-national operations.

During the five-week exercise, participants will be put to the test during an intense series of drills and training which will include live missile firings, torpedo firings, gunnery exercises, air defence, surface and undersea warfare, maritime interception operations, boarding, mine warfare, diving, and amphibious operations.

Canada has participated in every RIMPAC exercise since the first in 1971. This year’s exercise will involve fourteen nations, 34 ships, five submarines, over 100 aircraft and 20,000 sailors, airmen and women, marines, soldiers and coast guard personnel. Forces from Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, the Netherlands, Peru, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States are scheduled to participate.

While RIMPAC is scheduled and planned by the U.S. Navy Third Fleet, the multi-national exercise offers nations like Canada opportunities to assume leadership positions at important levels, further enhancing our ability to work with other nations of the Asia-Pacific region.

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Threat of oil tankers in BC waters incites youth action - Local girls cycle from Victoria to Kitimat to raise awareness

June 2010, Victoria - This summer Hannah Auer and Tyese McCarthy pledge to pedal from Victoria to Kitimat in protest of the proposed Enbridge pipeline and tanker project.

On Monday, Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, took a firm stance against tankers in northern BC waters. Less than a week later, the two girls will cycle out of Victoria on June 27. The campaign, named Cycle for the Seas, will stretch over three weeks as they wind their way up Vancouver Island's coastlines.

McCarthy says, “We believe in the passion the coastal people share for the ocean, and we'll be asking them what they would do to protect their coast, and an inspiring them to take action!”

The girls are biking the 850 km journey without a support vehicle, spending time in coastals communities talking to people about lifestyle changes that reflect a more sustainable future. Oil-free travel, conscious consumerism, and localized food production are a few of the ways the girls offer to make a shift away from oil dependence.

“The journey up the coast is about talking to people about solutions to our dependence on fossil fuels,” says McCarthy. “We can all take action on some level – whether by petitioning in our communities, writing letters to the government, or finding ways to consume less oil in everyday life”.

“Environmental disasters, like the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, leave us with an opportunity to re-evaluate the impacts we’re having on the earth collectively. The health of our oceans, and the preservation of BC’s beautiful wild coast are the factors that should be governing our decisions – not just profit,” says Auer.

Hannah and Tyese's journey aims to inspire others to take action to protect BC's north coast and hold their government accountable for representing local voices.Supporters can follow the girls journey at the Cycle for the Seas blog, where updates and photos will be regularly posted.

The proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project would bring the largest sea going vessels on the planet down Douglas Channel, through the waters bordering the Great Bear Rainforest and past Haida Gwaii. An oil spill in this area would destroy local fishing industries, tourism, outdoor recreation, and would shatter a beautiful and fragile ecosystem.

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Canada’s Economic Action Plan Invests in Green Hydro Project for Canoe Creek

June 25, 2010

Tofino, British Columbia – Dr. James Lunney, Member of Parliament for Nanaimo- Alberni on behalf of the Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, announced Government of Canada support to the Canoe Creek Hydro Company to strengthen economic opportunities in the Clayoquot Sound area.

“Investing in the Canoe Creek Green Hydro project will create and protect jobs, create a long term revenue stream and contribute to sustainable energy on Vancouver Island,” said MP Lunney

The Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation through its subsidiary, the Canoe Creek Hydro Company, has built and will operate a run-of-the-river hydro electric facility located on Tla-o-qui-aht traditional territory. This project will enable the First Nation to generate and sell renewable energy to BC Hydro under long-term electricity purchase agreements. In the short-term the project will provide opportunities for employment and capacity building. The revenues from hydropower generation will be invested in the community in areas such as economic development, resource stewardship, education and support of cultural initiatives.

“The Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation began this project in 2005. With the help of of Western Economic Diversification Canada, Aborigional Business Canada, NEDC and INAC's ecoENERGY programs and its partner Swiftwater Power, this project has become a reality,” said Jamie Bassett, Economic Development Office at Canoe Creek Hydro Company Ltd. ”It is the first of a number of Green Energy projects that TFN intends to undertake. The benefits to the Tla-o-qui-aht Nation and the Province of British Columbia from this project will continue to flow far into the distant future.”

Federal funding of $2,500,000 is being provided as a repayable contribution through the Community Adjustment Fund (CAF) as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan

The fund will provide $306 million over two years to support the most affected western Canadian communities, such as those that are heavily reliant on resource-based industries. Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) is delivering the fund in the four western provinces.

Visit the Community Adjustment Fund (CAF) in the West or Canada’s Economic Action Plan for more information.

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BC continues to deploy crews to Eastern provinces

June 25, 2010
Ministry of Forests and Range
Provincial Wildfire Coordination Centre

KAMLOOPS - British Columbia is sending 97 wildfire professionals to Québec and Manitoba to respond to increased fire activity.

The Wildfire Management Branch will be deploying 66 wildfire personnel to Matagami, Québec, to help manage a challenging fire situation. Québec has responded to 472 fires this year, burning over 266,000 hectares.

Three 20-person unit crews, three task force leaders, one division supervisor and two agency representatives departed B.C. this morning. The sustained-action unit crews were deployed to help contain large fires.

Manitoba is experiencing hot, dry weather, and high danger ratings. Ten three-person initial attack crews and an agency representative will depart for Le Pas, Manitoba on Saturday.

Costs for the deployment will be covered by the Governments of Québec and Manitoba under the Mutual Aid Resources Sharing Agreement, which allows for the sharing of firefighting resources across Canada. Personnel will be deployed for up to 19 days.

Sufficient crews and equipment will remain in B.C. should fire activity increase here. The Wildfire Management Branch maintains sufficient firefighting capacity to respond to current conditions in B.C. Deployed personnel can be recalled at any time. These are the sixth and seventh deployments of British Columbia fire crews this year. Seventy-four personnel are currently deployed to Ontario and Québec.

The public reports nearly half of all wildfires in B.C.

Please continue to report smoke and flames by calling *5555 on mobile phones or 1 800 663-5555.

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Old-fashioned family road trip not expected to go out-of-style anytime soon

BCAA offers tips to keep families feeling fab-u-lous on the freeway

VANCOUVER, June 25 /CNW/ - Even with the price of gas continuing to hover above $1 per litre, many B.C. families still plan to 'hit the road' for their vacations this summer. According to the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA), requests for road trip planning services have remained steady over the past few years with close to 10,000 TripTik(R) customized road trip planners produced for members in 2009. The most popular requested destinations so far this year are: 1. California, 2. Arizona, 3. Ontario, 4. Nevada, and 5. Newfoundland.

Although vacationing by car can be a budget-friendly way to explore and bond as a family, toting wee ones, 'tweens' or teens on four wheels presents some challenges-namely keeping the peace between kids or keeping them entertained. BCAA advises that careful advance planning is essential to ensuring road trips are fun for everyone.

"A well-planned road trip can provide families with a vacation experience that is cost-effective, efficient and safe," says BCAA's Membership Manager, Gina Iuliano. "Good planning allows families to spend less time dealing with problems or logistics and more time creating fun-filled memories."

To peak - and hold - everyone's interest during the entire trip, BCAA suggests families involve their children in the planning process. "Get children excited about the trip by having them mark the route with coloured pens or choose a restaurant or point of interest to visit," adds Iuliano. "Rather than focusing on the final destination and the length of the trip, children will experience and enjoy an adventure along the way, one they helped design."

To help alleviate tensions and boredom, and keep families safe on the road, BCAA offers "vacationistas" some tips for each stage of the road trip.


- Decide on some stops beforehand. Knowing ahead of time where certain sites, attractions and even rest areas are located will help make the trip fun and reduce stress.

- Invest in an iPod or portable DVD player. Music and movies offer a good break for everyone. Remember to keep the sound volume low and watch DVDs in the backseats to avoid distracting your driver.


- Give your vehicle a thorough tune-up. Get a checkup two weeks prior to your trip to allow time for repairs. Get the following items checked: wiper blades, all fluids, tire pressure and tread, hoses and belts, brakes, and air conditioning.

- Well-stocked first aid kit. Include bandages, gauze, pain reliever, allergy medication, antiseptic, and any other medication your family may need.

- Pack a few light tools. Carry a small variety of tools such as: screwdrivers, a hammer, an adjustable wrench, pliers, some baling wire, a flashlight, a can of WD-40, and a rag.

- Activity bag. Fill a bag with crayons, books, and games etc. Make one bag for each child and let them choose what to put in it.

- Bring a pillow and blanket. Having something soft and snuggly will help the younger kids drift off to sleep.

- Keep their tummies full. Pack a cooler with juice boxes and low-mess snacks.

On the road

- Keep key items (snacks, paper towels, mp3 player, etc.) within reach. This will help you avoid making unnecessary stops to search for items in the back.

- Divide and conquer. Change seats at each stop (and switch drivers if you can) to change the dynamics and keep the peace.

- Take breaks and recharge. Stretch or run out some energy or boredom. Once everyone is back in the car, save the electronics for later and interact with each other by talking, singing or playing old-fashioned road trip games.

BCAA also recommends that vacationers take the following - often forgotten - precautions to ensure their own and loved ones' safety while on vacation:

- Travel medical insurance. If you're travelling outside B.C., ensure you carry adequate medical insurance for all of your family in case of emergencies. Without insurance, basic medical services out of the country could cost in the thousands of dollars.

- Newspaper and mail delivery. If you plan to be away for a while, stop newspaper delivery and ask a neighbour to collect community newspapers and your mail.

- Mobile phones. Carry a cell phone and its car charger with you. Remember to pull over if you need to use it or have a passenger place the call.

Vacationers are encouraged to visit their nearest BCAA sales location or for more info about North American road travel planning and travel medical insurance. BCAA members planning a road trip can request a TripTik(R) customized road trip planner, which includes detailed maps, up-to-date road advisories, accommodations and points of interest, anywhere in Canada or the U.S.

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Health Screening now available to more BC children, under the Public Health Act

June 25, 2010

Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport

VICTORIA - The new child health screening regulation under the Public Health Act will ensure that all B.C. children in licensed child-care facilities and school settings have access to child health screening. This regulation is the latest piece of an integrated cross-ministry strategy to address dental, hearing and vision concerns in early childhood.

Government has made the commitment to provide universal access to early screening for vision, hearing and dental disorders for children younger than six years. As these problems may impact a child's development and learning, early and timely treatment can often provide the healthiest outcomes and optimize a child's capacity to learn, adapt and develop.

Public health staff have been offering various screening services in schools for many years, using a process of parent notification with an opt-out provision that allows the parent to decline services. The new child health screening regulation formalizes this process. It also allows public health staff to obtain demographic information about children enrolled in a licensed facility so that their parents can be notified and offered child health screening services.

The new regulation also gives health authority staff permission to disclose screening and diagnostic results to a third party, such as the child's school or a child-care facility operator. This will ensure the child receives any appropriate or necessary follow-up support and assistance in the classroom or facility setting.

Parents will be notified about the health screening program and when the screening will occur in their child's school or child-care facility. They will also be provided with public health contacts so they can seek further information. The opt-out process allows parents to decline screening services or disclosure of screening results, with no consequences to future service provision or care of their child.

In B.C., the following health authority occupational groups may be involved in conducting child health screening: public health nurses, licensed practical nurses, dental hygienists, certified dental assistants, audiology technicians, audiologists and health unit aides.

For more information on the new regulation, visit:

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AGGV Opens New Series with Canadian Printmaker Sybil Andrews

Next month, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria presents a new exhibition featuring a stunning selection of the work of Sybil Andrews, one of Canada’s most significant printmakers.

Focus On The Collection: Sybil Andrews runs July 8 – October 31 at the AGGV.

Sybil Andrews (1898-1992), is primarily known for her bold and colourful linocut prints, and was influenced stylistically by Cubism, Italian Futurism, and Vorticism.

Following World War II Andrews emigrated from Britain to Campbell River, BC, where she spent the rest of her life adapting her modernist approach to decidedly West Coast subjects including First Nations culture, the rainforest, and the logging and fishing industries.

“Linocut was just what I wanted, being interested in pattern, movement, dynamics and colour,” said Andrews of her work. “Linocuts are the greatest teacher of all, you are forced to simplify your idea to its fundamentals.”

The exhibition features 22 works from the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria’s impressive survey representing Andrews’ career in Britain and Canada.

Focus On The Collection: Sybil Andrews is the first in a series of exhibitions which was created, “In response to the many requests to make our collections more accessible.” said Jon Tupper, Director of the AGGV. “We are pleased to be launching this series showcasing the extensive permanent collection of the Gallery.”

For more information, visit or call 250-384-4171.

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BC invites feedback on zero net deforestation

June 25, 2010
Ministry of Forests and Range

VICTORIA - The Province is inviting input until July 9 to develop an implementation plan for the Zero Net Deforestation Act passed earlier this year. The act's main goal is to achieve zero net deforestation in British Columbia by 2015.

Planting trees to convert non-forest lands into forested areas and finding ways to decrease deforestation are part of British Columbia's Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

First Nations, communities, sector associations, industry and all other British Columbians are asked to submit their comments before July 9 by:

* Using an electronic response form at

* Sending an email to  or

* Mailing a written reply to:

Tom Niemann
Product Innovation and Climate Change Branch Ministry of Forests and Range
PO Box 9525 Stn Prov Govt Victoria, B.C. V8W 9C3

A summary of the submissions will be made available this fall.

Deforestation occurs when forests are permanently cleared for a non- forest land use such as building a highway, developing a housing subdivision, or extracting oil and gas or mineral resources. Timber harvesting in sustainably managed forests is not considered deforestation. Forest licensees in B.C. are required by law to reforest.

Visit for more information about zero net deforestation.

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Acres of Art at the Coast Collective - 3221 Heatherbell Rd, Colwood

Acres of Art
Sunday, July 11, 2010
10AM to 4PM

Coast Collective Art Centre
3221 Heatherbell Rd, Colwood
Free Admission

Art lovers, history buffs, and more will find plenty to do at the Acres of Art festival at the Coast Collective on Sunday, July 11, from 10am to 4pm. The event will include land art, garden art displays, the Winston Churchill Society, plein air painters on site, food, beer and wine, the music of Brad Prevedoros and ladies in period costumes wandering the grounds.

Land Art

The grounds of the Coast Collective will once again be home to Land Art displays crafted by the Victoria Flower Arrangers Guild, on exhibit from July 8 to July 11. Not familiar with land art? Think floral art on a grand scale - huge outdoor sculptures made of natural materials built on site.

Garden Art

Enjoy Garden Art created by local artists, whose artwork is designed to be outdoors and complement the beauty of the garden.

The Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island

The society will be present to provide information about Churchill the man and the artist (a plein air painter), as well as providing prize money for this year’s Wet Canvas Show. They will be offering a $100 prize to the piece judged to best reflect the style of Churchill’s plein air work.

Wet Canvas Show

Caution, artists at work! Watch artists create paintings on site between 9 AM and 4 PM on the grounds of the Coast Collective. Paintings created that day will be on display in the Coast Collective Gallery in the “Wet Canvas” show. They will only be limited by their imaginations as they choose a location - beach, sea, garden, woods, stream, and old buildings – and create images inspired by their surroundings

Re-Connected: July 8 - 18

The Coast Collective Gallery will be hosting the show “Re-Connected” through July 8-18th, presenting new works by the Associate Members of the Collective.

Period Costumes

The ladies of Heritage Productions will be gracing the grounds dressed in turn-of-the-century finery. Learn about the clothes of the past.

What a great opportunity for photos, quick paintings or sketches of historic costumes in a heritage outdoor setting.

The Acres of Art event will also feature the music of Brad Prevedoros, food, beer and wine. Admission is free

Coast Collective Art Centre
3221 Heatherbell Rd.
Victoria, BC

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JazzFest starts today!

Hey! This is Erin Ball, Village900 news. The Victoria International Jazzfest starts today! Check out all the great shows, including FREE shows in Centenial Square every day.

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A closer look at the infamous Martin MARS water bombers

With summer weather and new campfire laws, fire prevention is obviously important for everyone. Also known as the Coulson Flying Tankers, the Martin MARS water bombers are an unmistakable part of British Columbia fire firghting history. Originally four in number, the Hawaii and Phillipine Mars continue forge ahead through the smoke. The Marianas and Caroline MARS are still deeply missed.

A closer look at MARS tech specs:

Single Sortie - one aircraft
Flying time - 5.9 hours
Consecutive drops - 37
US Gallons - 265, 000 (1,000,000 litres)
Manufacturer: Glenn L. Martin Company
Powerplant: Four Wright Cyclone R3350-24WA
engines @ 2500h.p. each (1865 kw)
Curtiss Electric 4-blade propellers with a
blade diameter of 15 ft. 2 in. (5 m)
Overall Length: 120 ft. (36m)
Height: 48 ft. (14.63 m)
Hull Beam: 13.5 ft. (4.12 m)
Hull Draft: 5.5 ft. (1.68 m)
Wing Span: 200 ft. (61 m)
Gross Weight: 162,000 lbs. (73,483 kg)
Water/Foam Load: 60,000 lbs. (27,216 kg)
Cruising Speed to Fire: 190 mph (305 kmh)
Drop Speed: 138 mph (220 kmh)
Landing Approach Speed: 115 mph (185 kmh
Touchdown Speed: 92 mph (148 kmh)
Fuel Consumption (Cruise): 420 US gal (1590 lph)
Fuel Consumption (Operations): 780 US gal (2,955 lph)
Fuel Capacity
Hawaii Mars: 6,485 US gal (24,550 Litres)

Philippine Mars: 13,200 US gal (49,962 Litres)
Operations Duration (normal): 5 1/2 hours
Area Covered, single drop: 3 to 4 acres (1.2 to 1.6 ha)
Drop Height: 150 to 200 ft. (45m to 61m)
Full Tank Load: 7,200 US gal (27,276 Litres)

For more information on the Martin MARS water bombers:

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