Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nobody Waved Good-Bye and more from @theNFB #film

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This black & white feature fiction from 1964 tells the story of a teenager (Peter Kastner) who rebels against his middle-class upbringing and the cold world he finds himself in when he flees his parents’ nest.

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This week, we’re also featuring: Evolution, an Oscar®-nominated animated short that playfully revisits the evolution of life on Earth; Confessions of an Innocent Man, a feature-length doc about a Canadian man wrongfully detained and tortured in a Saudi Arabian jail; Canada Vignettes: Emergency Numbers, an amusing fight between a cat and dog about the importance of keeping emergency numbers close to the phone; and Memorandum, a film about a group of Holocaust survivors who make a pilgrimage to Bergen Belsen, to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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This week’s featured comment

“What a beautiful memory of Lismer! In the 50s, in Montreal, he and my mother were good friends. I was around 4 or 5 and we’d visit him at his school, at the back of the Museum. Even as he and my mother chatted about art and stuff, Lismer would start finger painting with me on paper… sometimes even on the wooden floor! It all depended on where the nearest blob of paint was. Lismer - all the artist called each other by their last names then - was a great adult to know as a child”

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Check out Main Street, a new interactive photo project about small prairie towns

Discover the main streets of small Canadian prairie towns with this interactive photo essay by Danny Singer. Constructed by carefully stitching together hundreds of individual photographs with digital editing software, the compositions emerge as seamless prospects with a unique "floating-point" perspective.

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