Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coalition to End Homelessness releases Housing Pipeline List #yyj @homeforhope

Coalition Makes Announcements at AGM:
Releases Housing Pipeline List & Report on Housing and Supports

VICTORIA, BC, September 18, 2012 - Five housing projects have been announced as priorities for the Coalition to End Homelessness (Coalition) in their Housing Pipeline List. The Housing Pipeline List is a response to the continued challenge of housing the homeless in our community. These and other findings were released today by the Coalition in its Annual Report and Quiet Crisis: Homelessness and At Risk in Greater Victoria (Report on Housing and Supports 2011/12).

"We know what needs to happen to end homelessness in Greater Victoria," Mayor Dean Fortin, Co-Chair of the Coalition. "The Housing Pipeline List lays out achievable projects for the Coalition to focus on that will get us closer to that goal."

The Housing Pipeline List contains a variety of projects from across the region. Units are intended for a number of client types, including supportive housing for youth, units for low income singles, workforce housing, and units for young single mothers and women at risk of homelessness due to domestic abuse.

"Homelessness is not just a problem in downtown Victoria," Andrew Wynn-Williams, Executive Director of the Coalition. "Communities across Greater Victoria need more housing options for those experiencing, and those at risk of homelessness."

Research shows more than 1,600 unique individuals used an emergency shelter in Greater Victoria during 2011/12, keeping shelters at an average 111% capacity throughout the year. On a single night in February, 1,205 people sought shelter in temporary accommodations.

"This is not a homeless count," says lead researcher Dr. Bernie Pauly of UVic's Centre for Addictions Research of BC. "This is a point-in-time count that shows us how many people sought shelter on one night. It's important to note, it does not include those sleeping outdoors, couch surfing, or staying in inadequate shelters."

The Report on Housing and Supports also provides information on those at risk of homelessness. Examining households in core housing need, on waitlists for subsidized housing and those relying on food banks to make ends meet. Subsidized housing continues to be unavailable, with 1,545 people on the Housing Registry to access subsidized housing in our region.

The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness is a partnership of local service providers, non-profit organizations, all levles of government, and the business, post-secondary and faith communities. The Coalition's vision is to end homelessness in Greater Victoria by 2018.

For more information visit, victoriahomelessness.ca

Centre for Addictions Research of BC is an official independent research center at the University of Victoria. CARBC is dedicated to research and knowledge exchange on substance use, harm reduction and addiction.

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