Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Community safety and policing summary report released #bcpoli

Sept. 24, 2012
Ministry of Justice

VICTORIA - Following nine regional roundtables with community safety, crime prevention, and policing stakeholders around the province, the B.C. government now has released a report of the key priorities and suggestions made by participants.

At each of the roundtables, a diverse range of community leaders offered their ideas and engaged in in-depth, cross-sector discussions about enhancing public safety and the roles and responsibilities of police. All of this feedback will contribute to a new strategic plan for policing that provides performance measures and targets to address common priorities in keeping communities safe throughout B.C.

Developing the strategic plan for policing is a key part of the ministry's justice reform and will help ensure the criminal justice system is responsive to British Columbians' expectations.

The roundtable report outlines common challenges as well as promising practices and suggested solutions from participants who work every day to address crime, safety, and quality of life for B.C. families. Participants also provided insight into the aspects of their local demographics, economies and geography that impact and influence the approaches they take with respect to managing the challenges within their communities.

Some of the key topics included:

* Performance measurement for policing.

* Cost-effective and efficient policing.

* Increased collaboration between service providers and community partners.

* A strategic focus on crime prevention.

* More citizen engagement in community safety.

Participants also explained how they are responding to these challenges and where there are opportunities to introduce innovation or expand existing programs. Detailed reports from each roundtable event have also been web-posted for British Columbians to view and respond to online at: http://blog.gov.bc.ca/bcpolicingplan/

A Criminal Justice System for the 21st Century, the report from Geoffrey Cowper, QC, along with other reviews and consultations have taken place under the Justice Reform Initiative, including the Legal Services Society report, Gary McCuaig's report on the charge assessment process, the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry and these will also help guide government's next steps in a two-part White paper presented later this year.

The final B.C. Policing Plan is being developed in co-ordination with the white paper and will form part of the government's plan for achieving system-wide changes to the justice system.

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