Thursday, September 20, 2012

New staff, new ideas at University Centre Farquhar Auditorium #Uvic #yyj

VICTORIA B.C. September 20, 2012—New staff and new ideas are changing the scenery at the University Centre Farquhar Auditorium

If you have noticed a change in upcoming programming at the University Centre Farquhar Auditorium, you may be noticing the work of a new team of people who bring you those first-rate events.

“I saw it as a challenge,” said Ian Case about accepting the role of Director for the University Centre Farquhar Auditorium in April 2012. “I saw opportunities to work with a bigger venue and to pursue artistic direction. I saw the opportunity for community impact—both for audiences and artists.” Case comes to UVic from the non-profit arts community.

He was previously the General Manager of Intrepid Theatre Company.
“Personally, there was stability,” said Case about his career change. “After working for over 20 years pursuing grant funding and navigating the instability of the non-profit arts world, there was a certain allure to not having to struggle to be able to do good work in the community.”

Having worked as a theatre producer, director and writer in Victoria for over 20 years, Case is introducing an annual theatre production into the series that the University Centre Farquhar Auditorium produces. This year the 20th anniversary celebration of The Number 14 will draw new patrons into the 1051 seat venue.
“There is a scale of touring show that is not making it to the island,” Case says. “I’m hoping we can be the venue for this kind of a show.”

Joining Case is Carol-Lynne Michaels, who fills the newest role on the team at the Farquhar: Client and Audience Services Coordinator. Michaels is one of the driving forces behind the annual TEDxVictoria conference and brings a plethora of local arts administration and involvement to her new role. She is a graduate of the Applied Communications Diploma Program at Camosun College.

“I’m thrilled to be in a position where I can leverage my communications training and work experience to help stimulate and invigorate arts across the city,” said Michaels. “Ian and I bring a passion for community and inclusiveness to the auditorium.”

From operations to production to ticketing and back again, there is a nine-person staff well-positioned to cover the gamut of putting on world-class shows and events. Approaching ten years as the Manager of Production Services, Mike Figursky calibrates the backbone of every event. He leads a highly-skilled (often witty) production staff in the professional execution of each event.

Recently, the UVic Ticket Centre expanded their range of services under the direction of Debra Fitzsimmons. It now offers comprehensive and friendly services for events produced externally, both on and off campus.

The auditorium operates as both a road house for rent, and as an independent producer of a seasonal performance series. New ideas are being hatched and new networks are being built around the auditorium as a result of the fusion of new and old staff.

The auditorium is a proud host to concerts, lectures, ceremonies, films and more. For information about the 2012-13 series and please visit For ticket information please e-mail or call 250.721.8480

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