Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Diversity Scolarships Awarded at ICA's AGM #yyj @ICAVictoria

ICA is very pleased to announce that Dean Duthie and Christina Yui Iwase were selected to receive the ICA 2012 Diversity Scholarship.

Each year, ICA awards one $1,000 undergraduate scholarship and one $1,000 graduate scholarship for students in, or accepted into, degree programs at colleges and universities in the Greater Victoria area. Criteria include having career goals directly related to helping Greater Victoria meet the challenges of diverse societies and a record of, or professional involvement in, multicultural affairs or diversity education, training, or community activities.

The recipient in the undergraduate scholarship, Christina Yui Iwase, is a Japanese immigrant who majored in international legal studies at Sophia University in Tokyo.

Currently, she is at the University of Victoria studying political science to acquire a deeper understanding of human interactions between different cultures and to recapture the dynamics of these interactions within the framework of the Canadian constitutional law. She is planning to go to law school in order to further analyze the question of how different cultures are articulated in the Canadian constitutional framework.

"The purpose of my research has always been, and will always be, centered around finding the ways in which all human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or nationality, can coexist together," says Christina.

Dean Duthie, the recipient of the graduate scholarship, is a sergeant with the Saanich Police Department and was responsible for staff development, recruiting, and training.

He is also a graduate student at the University of Victoria working towards a Masters of Education and Leadership Studies, as well as a certificate in business administration.

He is a facilitator with UVic's Human Rights Volunteer Program, a member of the British Columbia Human Resource Management Association, on the board of Victoria's Bike to Work Week, and a member of the Community Partnership Network (CPN).

Dean is recognized as a driving force behind making his workplace an inclusive and welcoming work environment. To do this, he worked with ICA and the CPN's Thriving with Diversity workshops to develop training to support the Saanich Police. He is also credited with being responsible for hiring several new police officers of diverse cultural backgrounds, who speak a multitude of languages and grew up in immigrant families. These new police officers have, in turn, become role models for others seeking a career that serves their communities through policing.

The scholarships were presented at ICA's annual general meeting on September 12.

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