Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Food, Faith & Community recipe booklet coming soon #yyj

The Recipe Booklet is coming!

The Food, Faith and Community project has proven that food is a powerful way to unite people of diverse faiths and cultures. The project, which concluded in June, brought together more than 130 people of different faiths to learn about one another through cooking classes. Together, participants prepared and shared food dishes associated with the Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, and Jewish faiths and cultures.

"The Food, Faith and Community project surprised us by how effective it was to bring together people of all faiths through the creation of food dishes," says Steven Lorenzo Baileys, the project coordinator. "Each class started out with a group of 20 or so strangers who, after spending a couple of hours together learning, creating, and sharing the food dishes, had become friends. Community and food are powerful ingredients that invite people of all backgrounds to come together to learn, make new friends and share their perspective and beliefs."

The final step in the project was the creation of a commemorative booklet featuring information on each faith, photographs from the events, and recipes. The booklet is currently at the printers and will be available for a nominal fee sometime in mid-October at www.icavictoria.org

The project was funded by the Province of British Columbia's EMBRACE BC stream and the Government of Canada. The Victoria Multifaith Society and the South Island Dispute Resolution collaborated as partners with ICA on the project.

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