Friday, October 12, 2012

Rainy Weather and Slippery Streets: IRSU Traffic Reminder #yyj

Rainy Weather and Slippery Streets

Friday, October 12, 2012

Victoria BC - With the first of the winter rains forecast this weekend, the Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU) would like to remind motorists to use extra caution on the roadways.

This weekend’s forecast is calling for rain on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This will be the longest period of rain the Capital Regional District has seen since the beginning of July. The Integrated Road Safety Unit would like ask drivers to keep a few important safety tips in mind as we come back into the rainy season:

- Use caution on the roadways after a lengthy dry period. During the dry season, engine oil and other deposits accumulate on the roadway. When these are mixed with water, it creates slippery sections until there has been enough rain to wash these oily accumulations away. The first few hours of rain following a dry spell are the most treacherous to road users.

- Drive the speed limit. It can take longer to stop in rainy weather, and travelling in excess of the speed limit increases the distance your vehicle travels while you perceive and react to any issues in and around of you.

- Watch out for pedestrians. With sunset coming earlier and rain decreasing visibility, pedestrians become more and more difficult to see. As always, expect the unexpected and keep a sharp lookout for pedestrians around crosswalks and intersections.

- Give yourself some extra time to complete your trip. We all have busy lives and time always seems to be at a premium. However, if we give ourselves some extra time to complete our trip, then when we are delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, then our stress levels go down and we aren’t tempted to speed or make that phone call while driving.

The members of the Integrated Road Safety Unit remain committed to road safety in the Capital Regional District. Our goal remains to reduce the number of incidents of fatal and serious bodily injury collisions and make the CRD the safest place in Canada to drive. Please take a moment to review your own driving habits in order that you and the people around you can get home safely.

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