Monday, October 29, 2012

Saffron and Singing Bowls fundraiser for Child Haven International Oct 29 #yyj

Vicki Gabereau to host Child Haven fundraiser for a second year 

VICTORIA, BC – Vicki Gabereau will once again host Victoria’s “Saffron and Singing Bowls” fundraising event in support of Child Haven International – one of Canada’s top charities. After helping launch last year’s inaugural event, Gabereau will take the stage on October 29 in an elegant setting: the Union Club in downtown Victoria.

“If you haven’t heard of Child Haven, there’s a good reason,” explains Gabereau. “They spend no money on advertising, and are perhaps the humblest organization you’ll ever run across. They’re also one of my favourites, which is why I’m wholeheartedly behind this annual fundraiser.”

The Union Club will be transformed into a “Victoria meets Bombay” atmosphere. Guests will be treated to an evening of fantastic food and music, surrounded by the saffron and jewel tones of saris and a silent auction items from South Asia.

Victoria’s critically acclaimed concert pianist Lorraine Min and her virtuouso violinist husband Terrence Tam will highlight the evening’s entertainment. “Having Lorraine and Terence to ourselves in such an intimate setting will be beyond amazing,” continues Gabereau. “Their grace, skill and passion have awed audiences across Canada and around the world.”

Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino, the founders of Child Haven, will also be part of the night’s festivities. Fred is known for his witty storytelling, and will match wits with Gabereau at one point in the evening.

The Cappuccinos started the charity in 1985, after raising 21 children, 19 of whom they adopted from war‐torn countries, on their farm in Maxville, Ontario. They are recipients of both the United Nations Humanitarian Service Award and the Order of Canada.

Child Haven raises all of its funds from individual donors throughout Canada and around the world, and fundraisers such as Saffron and Singing Bowls go a long way to helping the charity meet its needs.

Last year’s first annual event at the Atrium raised $28,000. “Remarkably, Bonnie and Fred attend all fundraisers in Canada,” explains Dale Lawlor, co‐ordinator of Victoria’s fundraiser, “and Bonnie visits all Child Haven homes four times a year. I don’t know how they do it, but their presence is always incredibly inspiring. They bring a message of hope and amazing stories about the children they’ve helped stand on their own feet and lead meaningful independent lives.”

A unique characteristic of Child Haven homes is that they operate according to the philosophy and principles of Mahatma Gandhi. These include no recognition of caste, and a practice of gender equality, non‐violence, vegetarianism, respect for cultural and religious background and simple living.

Dales adds: “If you are considering volunteering overseas, this event is an opportunity to meet local people who have volunteered at one or more of Child Haven homes.”

Tickets are $60 and include a gourmet vegetarian Indian dinner prepared by the Union Club’s Head Chef. A no‐host bar will be available, and a non‐Indian menu can be had on request.

Seating is limited to 150, so get your tickets soon as they are going fast. It all happens at 6pm on Monday, October 29, 2012 at the Union Club of BC (805 Gordon, across from the Empress in downtown Victoria). Tickets are available at Munro's Books in Victoria, Timeless Toys in Oak Bay or Tanner's Books in Sidney.

For more information about Child Haven International call Dale at 778.433.9876 or go to

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