Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Forfeiture grants extended to anti-bullying projects #bcpoli

Nov. 14, 2012
Ministry of Justice

Forfeiture grants extended to anti-bullying projects

VANCOUVER - Schools, police agencies and community groups that are working to combat bullying can now apply to share in the up to $1 million in grants from civil forfeiture proceeds that were announced last week.

This expansion of the grant eligibility criteria follows yesterday's anti-bullying summit in Vancouver, where parents, educators, police, student safety experts and other attendees received an update on B.C.'s ERASE Bullying strategy and shared their ideas about additional counter-measures.

Bullying prevention is the latest high-profile community safety goal to receive timely support from civil forfeiture proceeds. Earlier this year, government responded to a spike in deaths linked to the use of Ecstasy, supporting five police and community-led projects to help raise awareness among youth about the drug's dangers.

In the current round of grants, government will also consider projects focused on preventing youth involvement in crime, combating human trafficking and sexual exploitation, preventing family violence and violence against women, and community crime prevention. Applications are now open, as of today, and more details are at:

Since 2006, B.C. has sought the forfeiture of an array of cash sums, cars, helicopters, properties and other assets with alleged links to unlawful activity - predominantly drug and organized crime. Most of about $28.7 million taken in to date has gone to support the self-funding program, while about one-third has gone to fund grants to local crime-prevention programs in communities throughout B.C., and to compensate fraud victims.

Under B.C.'s Family Agenda, government is committed to ensuring communities and families feel protected and safe. British Columbians are encouraged to learn more and provide feedback at:

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