Monday, December 3, 2012

29 impaired drivers taken off Victoria and Esquimalt roads #yyj @Vicpdcanada

“29 Since the 29th” 
VicPD’s First CounterAttack Weekend of the Holiday Season

Victoria BC – 29 impaired drivers have been taken off Victoria and Esquimalt roads in VicPD’s first weekend of the annual CounterAttack road check campaign.  

Starting November 29th, teams of VicPD officers established road checks around town and were surprised by the results. Along with the 29 impaired drivers who were taken off the road, VicPD officers wrote 143 tickets for various infractions of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Officers were also checking the safety of vehicles at the road checks and found 19 vehicles that had defects that would jeopardize safety on the roads. All 19 were ordered to be inspected.

“The number of impaired drivers taken off our streets this weekend is impressive,” said Chief Jamie Graham. “I’m grateful for all the hard work that our officers continue to do to make our roads safe.”
Counterattack road checks will continue throughout the holiday season. VicPD is encouraging responsible behaviour and will be out in numbers enforcing impaired driving legislation. 
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