Friday, December 14, 2012

Seven Drug Dealers on Naughty List #yyj @VicpdCanada

Seven Drug Dealers on ‘Naughty’ List after VicPD’s Winter Action Plan 

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Victoria BC – Seven drug dealers ran afoul of the law while selling drugs to undercover VicPD officers during the start of VicPD’s Winter Action Plan.

VicPD officers targeted known drug dealers in the area of Douglas Street and View Street as part of a month’s long project that has seen an increase in foot patrol officers, road blocks, undercover operations and traffic enforcement.

The undercover officers purchased drugs over the period of a few weeks in late November and early December. Warrants were issued early last week, and seven drug dealers have since been arrested.

One of the dealers, Teagyne McFarlane, was the woman arrested for robbing the two 11-year-old girls near Hillside mall in early November. She is also believed to be responsible for robbing two other women near Mayfair mall at knifepoint later that month.

The project was designed to provide a safe experience for everyone who enjoys the downtown core and areas in Esquimalt.

Officers have been working non-traditional hours, out on foot patrol throughout the downtown core and Esquimalt where they have been providing a more visible uniform presence. In addition, VicPD has doubled the amount of officers out during some of the ICBC funded Counter Attack Road Checks on various nights to further combat drunk driving.

The foot patrols and road blocks continue throughout December and into the New Year.

“We will continue to be vigilant in our duties to make Victoria and Esquimalt part of the safest region in Canada,” said A/Inspector Dave Bown, Focused Enforcement Team. “The Winter Action Plan is a targeted step in that direction.”

VicPD Reserve Constables and Volunteers are also helping out with crime prevention through VicPD’s innovative crime prevention display that is now on its third successful week of deployment. This display is an attempt to educate shoppers to help reduce the amount of theft from vehicles that happen during the holiday season.

As the Winter Action Plan continues, VicPD Traffic, Bike and foot patrol officers will also be stepping up enforcement on pedestrians and drivers in a crosswalk enforcement campaign. The past two months have seen numerous serious pedestrian – vehicle collisions and officers are responding by stepping up enforcement.

Officers will be looking for drivers who are disobeying marked and unmarked crosswalks and watching for pedestrians who are J-walking and crossing when it’s not safe to do so.

Officers involved in the Winter Action Plan are hoping their extra work sends a strong signal that Esquimalt and Victoria are fun, safe, family-oriented destination for holiday shopping and entertainment.

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