Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boat Burglar Taken Into Custody While Playing Pirate #yyj @VicpdCanada

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Victoria BC – Quick action by West Shore RCMP appears to have closed a caper that was recent front-page news – and took a Victoria man responsible for a one-man nautical crime spree off our waterways.

A local citizen called police after spying suspiciously poor seamanship aboard a watercraft she recognized. Upon attending Portage inlet along the 100-block of Island Highway in View Royal, West Shore RCMP officers hailed the vessel from the shore. The male told the investigating RCMP officers that he had “borrowed” the $50,000 watercraft to go fishing, but could not recall the phone number of the owner. Upon further questioning, the male identified himself to the RCMP officers on scene and then suggested the boat belonged to yet a different friend who had lent it to him.

With the View Royal Fire Department on scene to assist RCMP officers, they made their way to the crippled vessel. There they discovered the vessel was indeed stolen and that the male attempting to pilot the watercraft had fouled the propeller with a line while fleeing, injuring himself as the boat came to an unexpected halt. The male was also in breach of several court ordered conditions, which include a prohibition on operating any motorized vehicle.

While the male was treated for the minor injuries sustained in his boating mishap, RCMP officers then recognized him as a person of interest from another nautical caper – a January 27th boat break and enter captured on video by a vigilant citizen. In that case, an amateur sleuth forwarded video footage that captured of a male entering his boat and making off with the surveillance camera itself. A still image from that video was featured on the front page of local newspapers and many media outlets. The attending RCMP officers noted the striking similarities between the subject of the surveillance video and their suspect.

Darrell Martin Tychuk is in custody and charged in connection with taking the boat without permission. It is believed that Mr. Tychuk may be involved in the January 27th break and enter incident. Further investigation is on-going.

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